First Day of Summer: My Introduction Continues

Robert dipped two fingers into a jar of cold cream and then rubbed the outside of my asshole with it.It felt strange, but it also felt good.After a few moments I felt a tentative probe of my asshole with a finger.It felt slightly uncomfortable but I felt no pain at all.But through the uncomfortable tightness, I also felt a bit of pleasure.Before long I knew he had his finger in my ass, as I could feel his hand against my cheeks.

I felt a second finger slide in next to the first.Waves of pleasure started to wash over me as Robert worked the fingers back and forth.I started pushing back against his hand.“You like that?”Robert asked.

I moved my mouth off of Joe's cock and breathlessly said, “It feels wonderful!”

“It gets better,” Robert said.He pulled me back to the edge of the lounge chair.He put both hands on my ass and spread it slightly.He dipped his fingers into the jar of cold cream and then stopped short of smearing any on his dick.Instead he spoke to Joe.“Joe, come here.He is your cousin.Only fitting you take his cherry.”

Robert held his fingers in place and I ground my ass against them.I could not believe how incredible it felt.Robert pulled his fingers out of my ass hole and I could not hold back a long, “No!” in protest.

“It's just for a minute and you will love it.”Robert said.I watched as he smeared some cold cream all over Joe's dick.He had Joe kneel behind me and guided his dick to my asshole.I felt the spongy head ofJoe's dick against my asshole as he gently pushed it in.There was no real pain, only a slight discomfort as my asshole resisted for a moment.“Slowly, Slowly.Slowly push it all the way in.”Robert instructed.

After a minute I felt Joe's stomach against my ass.I pushed back against him. Joe slowly pulled back until only the head of his cock was still in my ass then he pushed it back in.With each stroke he kept increasing the rhythm and with each stroke the pleasure was getting better and better for me.I grabbed the sides of the lounge chair and started moving back and forth, meet each of his strokes.

“Is that good, Joe?”Robert asked!

“Oh yeah it is!”Joe answered breathlessly.“It is better than his mouth!”

I felt Joe's dick grow harder in my ass and seconds afterward I felt the first warm splash of cum.I felt Joe dig his fingers into my ass cheeks as he groaned.I placed my head down on the chair and reached back with both hands, pulling him to me by the legs.I knew he had cum and knew he was about to pull away and I could not bear the thought of it.I wanted more.

“No!No!” I said.“No!Don't stop!”

Robert got to my side and stuck his dick in my mouth.I felt Joe's cock grow soft inside of me and on one stroke he pulled out to far and his dick popped out of my ass.He tried but he was too soft to go back in.I felt a warm stream of cum drip down the inside of my leg.

Robert pulled his dick from my mouth and positioned himself where Joe had been.I felt him squeegee the cum that had run down my leg with his cock.His dick slid into my ass with no pain at all, but I felt much more pleasure.I felt an overwhelming desire to be kissed.I lifted my head up, reached back and wrapped my arm around Robert's head and pulled him to me.He gave me a clumsy kiss.

I felt he wanted to kiss me also but our position did not allow it to be done well.He pulled his cock out of my ass and rolled me over to my back.He placed a folded towel beneath my ass had me spread my legs for him.He slipped down, took my cock in his mouth for a few moments then moved up and slipped his oh so awesome cock into me again.As he started grinding against me he placed his mouth on mine.When he broke the kiss he started humping hard.I bucked up to meet his every stroke.I felt the same sensation I had felt earlier.A glow and my dick grew harder between us.I was cumming!I felt my cum spew between us and I arched my back and moaned.It was the best thing I had ever felt.A look of curiosity crossed Robert's face, like he had trouble processing what had just happened.He placed his hands under my ass and lifted me up a bit.He started slamming into my ass hard and I was in complete and total ecstasy.And it happened again.My cock started spewing thin clear ropes ofslippery fluid as an orgasm washed over me again.This proved to be too much for Robert as I felt his dick grow hard and pulse deep inside my ass.I felt him grow soft inside me and I protested.Ground against him, trying to get him hard again to no avail. He said he wished he could fuck me again but he would probably not be able to until the next day.

Joe and I showered together and I went down on him, trying to get him hard again but it did not happen.He got half a hardon and the best I could do was squeeze out a couple of drops of cum in the end.

“How long have you and Robert been doing that?”I asked as we walked home.

“About a month.We only did the sucking thing.I did not even think of sticking my cockin his ass or letting him stick it in mine.”He answered.

“Would you let him do it to you now?”

“No.I loved doing to you and wanted to do it you again, but ran out of gas.I don't want to be the one with the cock in the ass though.Did you like it?”

“I loved it.When do you think we will be able to do it again?”

Joe just shook his head.

We walked into the house just as Joe's mom, my aunt Layla was hanging up the phone.She had called Robert's house looking for us.“It's Tuesday, Joe.Or had you forgotten?”

“Oh crap!Karate!”Joe exclaimed.

“That's right.Get your Gi and hurry up or we will be late.”She turned to me.“If your Uncle Harvey or Jessie get home before we get back, tell them that dinner is in the oven and they can either eat or wait for us.”

My aunt, Layla was my mom's sister.She was plump but amazingly curvy.One of those women who looked a lot better with a few extra pounds on them than thin.Uncle Harvey and Jessie (Harvey's brother) owned an auto parts store.Jessie had lived with my aunt and uncle for as long as I could remember.

Jessie was about the same age that Robert was.He arrived home just a couple of minutes after my aunt and Joe left.I told him about dinner.He thought for a second then he said he would wait.My Uncle was stopping off at a bar for a couple of beers anyway.He would not be home for at least an hour and a half.

I went into the living room and turned the TV on.I heard the water to the shower in Jessie's room start running.I felt my dick grow hard in my jeans.My thoughts went back an hour or so to Robert's big dick and how it had felt when he fucked me.I remembered how disappointed I felt when neither Robert nor Joe could give me anymore dick.I wondered about Jessie.

I went into Jessie's room.The door to the bathroom was about a quarter of the way open.I peeked in and saw Jessie, his head tilted back as water fell on him.His eyes were closed.He was tracing circles on his nipples with the fingers on one hand and with his other hand he was stroking back and forth on a big thick cock.Much thicker than Robert's and way longer.Soapy foam squeezed through his fingers as he moved his hand the length of his cock.

I was so transfixed on his cock that I did not even notice when he opened his eyes and saw me watching him.I was startled when he spoke.“Like what you see?”

“Um..uh..what are you doing?”I stammered.

“You don't know?”

“Not really.”

He turned the water off and moved to face me.“You want to do it?”

“Do what?”

“Stroke it for me.It won't bite you.”

I walked to him.Jessie took my wrist and placed my hand on his cock.It was rock hard and appeared to have grown a little.It looked much bigger in my hand.He held me by my wrist as he started moving my hand back and forth. After a few strokes he let go and let me jerk him off on my own.Jessie took a bottle of hair conditioner and poured a little on my hand.His cock got all slick and slippery as I moved my hand up and down his shaft.He asked me to get undressed and in the shower with him.I looked at his quite massive dick and my mouth watered at the thought of sucking on it.

I put my clothes in a neat pile on the floor and stepped into the shower.Jessie was rinsing the conditioner off of his cock.I pushed his hand off of his dick and rubbed the last of the conditioner off. Jessie put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down.He caressed my head as I opened my mouth.Once I closed my lips over his dick all gentleness was gone.He shoved his cock into my mouth until my face was pressed against his stomach.It surprised him that I pushed hard against his stomach seeking even more cock than what he was giving me.He started fucking my face.Thrusting in and out.Every few strokes he would shove the whole length of his cock into my face, press my lips against his stomach and hold it there for a few seconds.

“You like that, don't you little fuck!”He asked.

With a mouth full of cock, “Mmm hmmm!” was the best answer I could give him.

“I was hoping you would be willing to do this some day.I thought about your cousin, Joe.But he's family.That would not be right, but you!The things I can do to you!”He held my head tighter and humped into my mouth even harder.“You gonna eat my cum, you little faggot?You like to eat cum?”

I had gone from not even knowing that cum came from dicks to loving cum in the space of a couple of hours.I wanted nothing more than feel my mouth fill up his cum at that moment, but I also knew what answer would most excite him.

“Please,” I said, pulling my mouth off of his cock for a second.“Don't cum in my mouth.That stuff is gross!”

Jessie stuck his cock back in my mouth.“That is too bad you sick little queer.You will take every drop I give you!:

His pre-cum dripped into my mouth.I knew my prize getting close.He kept fucking my mouth, his dick getting hard with every stroke.He started to grunt.“Hold up,” he said, pulling his dick out of my mouth.He tilted my face up.“Open your mouth and stick your tongue out a little bit.I want to see this”

I followed his instructions.Jessie started to stroke his dick like he had been when I first saw him.After a few strokes he would push it into my mouth, slide it in and out a couple of times then start stroking it again.

“I'm gonna cum!”He tilted his head back.

I said,“No.Don't!Not in my mouth!”I pulled my face away.

This excited him.“Shut up you little queer!Now open your mouth!”

Opened my mouth and the first spurt of thick salty cum hit my tongue, skidding to the back of my throat.Jessie shoved his dick mouth for two strokes then pulled it back to where it sat on the tip of my tongue spurting cum.Jessie held my head and shoved all of his cock into my mouth and held it there.It pulsed and throbbed spewing the last of the cum I so loved straight into my throat.

When Jessie released my head I worked my mouth slowly back and forth over his dick.Hoping it would get hard again.Jessie was completely breathless and said, “Damn you little fag.That was great.I can't believe you had not given me any of that before.”

I took his dick out of my mouth, “I was not doing it before.Not before today, anyway.”

I went back to sucking on his dick as it went limp in spite ofmy best efforts to keep that from happening.Jessie's cock got halfway hard but no more.It was a big disappoint to both of us, but we made do.“Open your mouth again.”

I opened my mouth and Jessie started stroking his cock really hard and really fast.It was than a minute
before he shoved his dick into my mouth and started working it back and forth and cumming almost immediately.This time he did not want to see the cum go into my mouth.He just face fucked until it was done.

As we were getting dressed after getting out of the shower I asked Jessie, “How often do you do that?”

“Do what?”

I moved my hand back and forth in front of my crotch.

“Jack off?”

“Is that what it is called?”

“Yeah.It's called jacking off among other things.I do that everyday, at least once.Twice a couple of times a week.Today was one of those two a day days.Usually, I jack off in the morning when I shower for work.”

In the mornings, my Uncle Harvey would leave at about 6.He hated doing paperwork in the evening so he would go early in the morning to catch up.My Aunt Layla would leave about 7 to pick up parts at the bus station and local shipping companies.She would them take these to the store, sort them and deliver most to auto repair shops around town that had ordered them.She always came home at noon.Jessie never left the house 8:30.

“See you before your shower in the morning?” I asked.

The first day of my summer and it was shaping up to be a good one.

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First Day of Summer: My Introduction Continues